españa United Kindong

     		When I ask myself what I can do to be useful to others through painting the feeling 
     takes me to the art as an ailment, as breath and as the return to the origin by the balance,
     the harmony, the order and the connection with the cosmos and nature, reflecting our
     inner universe.
			In my youth, after a basic training period, I went deep into practicing the 
      expressionism, especially the neo-expressionism area, but also into the abstraction and
      inot the landscaping, all of which lead me to the zen art where I am presently working 
      on, at the same time as I practise zen in the sangh of Plum Village, on the basis of the 
      venerable Thich Nhat Hanh and his lineage.
			Nevertheless, the work coming out of my soul has always been somewhat zen,
      looking for silence, peace, emptiness, catharsis, the transcendental, the autenticity, the 
      essence.…, in fact, Zen leads to the essence.

			The ancient Chinese painting has evolved from a realism marked tradition 
      towards an increasingly spiritual conception. The word "spiritual" in this context does 
      not refer to any type of religious painting but a kind of painting, which tends to become 
      spirituality. This type of painting does not pursue just a beauty element; it tends to 
      become a micro-cosmos, which creates once more, just as the micro-cosmos does, an 
      open space where a real life is possible. Thus, reproducing a total micro-cosmos where 
      the Breath-Soul unifying action takes priority, where the emptiness itself, far from being 
      a synonym of vague or arbitrary, it is the internal place where the vital breath net is 
      established. It is there where one assists to a system, which acts by integrations of 
      successive contributions rather than by brek ups. And the Brushstroke, whose art is 
      taken to the supreme point of refinement by the artists, when incarnating the Single and 
      the Multiple to the extent that it is identified with the original Breath itself and with all 
      its metamorphosis, it does not contribute any less to this permanence of a significant 
      practice tirelessly pursued.
		                                                                              François Cheng

			The penetrating experience of the no-mind will arrive in a natural way when you 
      keep internally empty and quiet while you are externally  (?????) from your perceptions. 
      Then, the worries will not affect your thoughts and your spirit will remain 
      imperturbable in the middle of any disturbance.
                                                                                    Maestro Yuan Wu
			Painting this way, unidentified from perceptions, form the essence of an intact 

			Once the spiritual contact has been established, the essential forms will be 
      carried out; the spirit of the universe will be perceived, too.
			Won't the painting be then as true as nature itself?
Zong Bing